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Celik Kayalar, PhD. is the Founder and Director of Film Acting Bay Area (FABA), a comprehensive film acting and directing school. Kayalar writes, directs and produces independent films and plays. His last short film “The Valiant” has been playing at various festivals, nationally. His recent feature-length film “Moonlight Sonata” which he wrote and directed in 2009 has so far screened at 13 festivals (US and International) and won 4 prestigious awards.

Originally trained as a scientist, Kayalar’s PhD thesis in bioenergetics is credited with helping his mentor Prof. Paul Boyer of UCLA win the Nobel Prize in 1997. Kayalar met Noam Chomsky in 1977 at MIT while working as a postdoctoral research associate with the Nobel Laureate Prof. Salvador E. Luria in the Biology Dept.

Noam Chomsky (left) and Celik Kayalar (right) during the filming of “99%” at MIT, Cambridge, MA (October 3rd, 2012)


Paul Boyer (left) and Celik Kayalar (right) during the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden (December 1997).

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