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  1. Kathleen W. Post author

    VERY MOVED BY IT. Thanks Ed Schultz for sending me, from your show, to watch it.

  2. Linda Mercer Post author

    Webby Awards: OFFICIAL HONOREE!
    This is great news, hope there’ll be much more to come for this extraordinary film.
    And, thanks KAYALAR & CO for making it!
    Linda Mercer
    A big fan of “99%” and Celik Kayalar, “The Maestro”.

  3. joe m. Post author

    Fantastic news for all the fans of “99%”:
    Congrats! the great Cast & Crew!
    Looking forward to your next one!

  4. Leon Artuga Post author

    Yes, for me this is “THE BEST & MOST IMPORTANT SHORT-FILM of the DECADE”.
    Leon Artuga
    Filmmaker, Film Historian
    New York

  5. Lea Martin Post author

    Thank you Ed Schulz for sending me here from your radio-show to watch it, everybody should.

  6. Jasmine Hendrix Post author

    They don’t make films like this anymore ( wish I could… )
    WEBBY AWARD? YES! And then some…
    Jasmine Hendrix
    Indie Filmmaker
    New York

  7. Lenny Mantos Post author

    If this fantastic film does not win a WEBBY AWARD, I will be deeply disappointed.
    Moved to tears while watching it, and I do not cry that easily. Still thinking about it after a week…
    Kudos to its makers!

  8. Annalisa Frenze Post author

    This is majestic WRITING, DIRECTING and ACTING!
    Annalisa Frenze
    Writer & Film-Director
    Roma, Italy

  9. Jean Moreno Post author

    Perfect movie!
    A+++ for writing, directing, editing and acting. Music and cinematography are excellent, too.
    One of the most important issues of our time in this country (growing economic inequality) and this movie deals with it with amazing skill and eloquence in the context of a non-documentary; that is, with a beautifully-written script which is acted by a superb cast.
    “Maestro” Kayalar at the helm, making it all happen!
    Jean Moreno
    Independent Filmmaker
    New York

  10. Marline Brown Post author

    “THE BEST” Writing-Direting-Acting I’ve seen in a film, lately. The timing and relevance of the story couldn’t be better, either. Just what the doctor ordered for our society, culture, arts and politics.
    Heartfelt Congrats! to the makers of this fantastic film.
    They have my vote for a WEBBY AWARD!
    Marline Brown
    Los Angeles

  11. Alice Townsend Post author


  12. Jeff Kirkland Post author

    THE BEST & MOST IMPORTANT SHORT-FILM of the DECADE! ( in agreement with many other commentators here ). Moreover:
    Writing: A+
    Directing: A+
    Acting: A+
    This film should be playing everywhere: Theaters, TV, Film Festivals and should receive every award it qualifies for including the highly prestigious WEBBY AWARD ( Equivalent of Oscar for Internet ). Too bad it did not qualify for an Oscar due to some silly, archaic rule of the Academy of Motion Pictures that rules out films which had already played on the Internet.
    Big Congratulations, KAYALAR and Cast & Crew! Looking forward to your next masterpiece.
    Jeff Kirkland
    Writer, Director, Producer
    Toronto, Canada

  13. alan liner Post author

    Fantastic Film! Please watch it, discuss it with friends and pass it on. Films like this one give me hope about the state of arts in our country. Bravo, the makers! Hope you get all the awards, including a WEBBY!

  14. Jessica Hayden Post author

    Story of America: Past, Present and Future, all in 22 amazing minutes!
    Big kudos to the makers of this film! Best writing, directing and acting I’ve seen for a very, very long time.
    Hope it gets all the awards available, including a Webby Award, soon. Thanks Ed Schultz for talking about it in such praising terms on your radio-show. You did a great service to your listeners, as always.

  15. Eli Post author

    Folks, lets all watch this film and recommend it to everybody we know. It’s terrific! Just what the doctor ordered for our ailing country and culture.
    THX KAYALAR! I’m now a big fan of your work. Please keep on leading the way with such meaningful, timely and amazing films, we need them…
    Best Regards

  16. Bob Post author

    “We’re not fighting the 1%, we’re fighting FOR the 100%”
    So says “Carl Westen” in “99%”, played magnificently by the esteemed actor Carl Lumbly.
    Well-said, Mr.Lumbly!
    Bravo! for writing it Celik Kayalar, any many more equally memorable lines in this fantastic movie!
    Service to our country, service to the world. We will never forget what you’ve done here. THANK YOU!
    One of the bottom 20% in the USA.

    • Rick C.

      Thank you for getting the message out to others to understand what we are facing in this nation. Where the rich never cares for the working class at all. That’s why they Fear the Union standing up to them for equal rights in the work place

  17. Jude James Post author

    Yes, we want RELEVANT ART like the “99%” here. Not the crap that’s playing in movie theaters and on the Internet to no end.
    Bravo! Kayalar and cast and crew of “99%”! Please keep it up!
    Social Worker (and, proud of it)

  18. Elliot N. Post author

    Celik Kayalar, PhD. is known not only for his brilliance and accomplishments as a scientist and an artist, but for his kindness and generosity towards his friends, associates, students and even total strangers.
    “99%” he conceived, wrote, directed and financed is a testimony to all of the above. It also happens to be a MASTERPIECE! Since its release on the Internet, for free, in late October 2012, it’s been playing at FILM FESTIVALS and winning prestigious awards. Lets all hope it wins a WEBBY AWARD too. Couldn’t happen to a nicer and more deserving man….and, the noble cause he’s been fighting for with this extraordinary film:

  19. Alice McDormond Post author

    We all need to support films like this one: Extremely beautiful, artistic and RELEVANT!
    Thank you Ed Schultz for promoting it on your show!
    Thank you Celik Kayalar and your amazing Cast & Crew for making it!
    You have my vote – and, 11 of my close friends’- for a WEBBY AWARD in April!

  20. Mia Gonzales Post author

    Yes Ashley (below), Celik Kayalar’s talents are unique and formidable. I indeed don’t know any indie or Hollywood filmmaker, famous or otherwise, who can do what Celik can; he does it all (write, direct, edit, cast, act, produce) and at a Grand-Master level; thus the nickname “Maestro”.
    What is also so amazing about Celik is that he puts all his talent to the service of other people so generously… ALL PEOPLE!…often with the spectacular outcome of a film such as “99%”, which is truly a cinematic masterpiece. Now, who wouldn’t LOVE & RESPECT a man like that?
    My only complaint about him is that he doesn’t make films often enough. May be a WEBBY AWARD will change that, lets hope so.
    Mia Gonzales
    Indie Filmmaker
    San Francisco

  21. Ashley Post author

    Do you know why “99%” is this good? Because Celik Kayalar is a terrific writer, director, editor, actor and a producer. For how many famous Hollywood filmmakers can you say this?
    Celik can also teach film-acting better than anyone I know; he has founded and directs, by far the best film-acting and directing school around: FABA ( we, the students there, call it the “Fabulous FABA”. You should check it out, its near San Francisco: http://www.filmactingbayarea.com ).
    “99%” deserves to receive all the awards out there, including a WEBBY!
    Love you Celik! Go for it!

  22. Tracy H. Post author

    Hands down, the best film I’ve seen for a long time. In 22 minutes, the writer & director Celik Kayalar tells the story, masterfully, of the most pressing issues of our time. No wonder they call him the “Maestro”!
    Acting is superb too.
    Bravo! & Thank you!

  23. Libertyanne Post author

    No ARK, the movie does not say anyone has to share anything, especially ordinary families, conservative or liberal. The movie is saying that harsh cuts to every service is causing many to suffer. It doesn’t say all rich people are selfish like you assume. It is the IDLE rich like Romney that outsource jobs and drive down wages.
    They are parasites that extract our assets and leave poverty in their wake.
    It’s Paul Ryan who delights in those who suffer when he had SSI himself. It’s the mindset that the rich have too little and the poor have too much.
    If an aid recipient makes a single dollar too much she loses her help but corporations get unlimited use of money they don’t earn or even need.
    The New Republican party is forcing that kind of country down our throats.
    THAT is what the movie is saying.
    Good luck with the award!

  24. Maria Garcia Post author

    Fantastic Film! Please watch it and pass it on…
    Thank you Ed Schultz for promoting it on your show, it very much deserves to be promoted.
    Thank you Celik Kayalar, Noam Chomsky and associates for making it! You’ve done a great service to all of us, the working yet struggling people of this country. We’re very grateful!

  25. Gordon

    Heard Ed Schultz announce this movie on his radio show this morning; thanks Ed. I’m going to miss just the idea that you’re not on the MSNBC lineup during the week, even if I don’t have a television set.

    This is a great movie, short and to the point. I always love watching Noam Chomsky and someone needs to start to step up. The man isn’t going to last forever.

    Thanks for the movie.

  26. Julie Miller

    Thank you Ed Schultz for tell on your radio show to watch this film. Everything in this film is where we are right now. I will continue to do everything I can do to try and make change and I hope everyone who sees this will follow. Julie Miller

  27. jennifer Post author

    The writer-director of this film Celik Kayalar, PhD. is a genius. He is a Nobel-caliber scientist (biochemist), and more recently an award-winning writer, director & producer of several terrific movies ( and, a great comedic play, “Couch”, which played to sold-out audiences in San Francisco and Los Angeles for months ).
    He has founded and runs, by consensus “the best” film acting and directing school in Northern California: Film Acting Bay Area ( http://www.filmactingbayarea.com ) which I’m very proud to be a student at.
    Celik is also one of the nicest and most generous men you will ever meet.
    He deserves every accolade and award he’ll be getting, including a WEBBY AWARD in May (fingers crossed on that one).
    His personal sacrifice in making “99%” is heroic , to say the least, and will be remembered and honored forever.

  28. Cecilia Windsor Post author

    I agree with the other commentators here:
    “99%” is the BEST & MOST IMPORTANT FILM of the year!
    Festival acceptances and awards, and even a WEBBY AWARD (hopefully) in May are all good and will surely help the film’s visibility and profile. But, this film deserves and needs to be seen by ALL Americans. No, let me make it ALL PEOPLE anywhere in the World. So, any thoughts on how this might be accomplished? I sure would love to help this very worthwhile effort.
    Regardless, THANK YOU CELIK KAYALAR! You’ve already done a great service to our country by making this extraordinary film and allowing us to watch it for free on the Internet.

  29. mark norton Post author

    This film rocks! Best writing & directing I’ve seen in a movie for a very long time. Congrats Celik Kayalar! Acting is out of this world too! My hat’s off to Kayalar’s film acting & directing school where apparently most of the cast were trained: Film Acting Bay Area, the “Fabulous FABA” : http://www.filmactingbayarea.com
    Now, why can’t Hollywood make a film like this one, can someone tell me?

  30. ayla k. Post author

    3 Film Festival acceptances already, with the “Best Narrative” award from one of them!? All in this short amount of time!?
    Also, short-listed for a possible WEBBY AWARD in April!?
    AMAZING! But, somehow I’m not surprised… 99% is an AMAZING FILM, what can I say?

  31. tracy willow Post author

    Wow! Fantastic movie!
    Please watch it and spread the word.
    Kayalar’s timing couldn’t have been better. Not to mention his story-telling skills and artistry that comes fully alive here.
    Bravo Maestro!

    • ARK

      This movie is basically saying this, just because your in America everyone deserves to be happy/ rich. And your pointing the finger at republicans for having money? That they should share it? not even you would do that if you were higher up. There was a study that people higher up make better decisions because they dont have to have the basic need of food. There minds can think of more things than the person with there head buried in the sand. This is not the land of milk and honey. Sure bad times ar coming but think of this. It will only get worse if people keep pointing the finger at others. You have to work togeather.

  32. karen dervin Post author

    I learned so much by watching this amazing short film. Everybody should.
    Its pure genius on Kayalar’s part to make a narrative film (non-documentary) that can tell so much about the current state of affairs in our country, without getting on a soap-box.
    This film made me THINK, LEARN, FEEL & INSPIRED, all in 22 min!
    OSCAR? Should have gotten it already…
    My fellow Americans,
    Lets stop adoring movies that don’t mean much (Argo, Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook…) and start paying attention to the important, timely and meaningful ones like “99%” before it gets too late. Time is running out!
    Dr. Kayalar, I’m a fan! THANK YOU!

  33. Amy Davenport Post author


  34. Bill McMane Post author

    Awards are important cause they shine the spotlight on a certain work of art which might not be noticed by the general public otherwise. In that spirit, I sincerely hope that this fantastic film, 99%, receives all the awards available out there. It should have received an OSCAR in its category. Now a WEBBY AWARD would be very much in order in April.
    Regardless, CONGRATULATION! for work very well done!
    Bill McMane
    Film Critic
    Art Historian

  35. khadijah khadijah

    They say BARDS|Artist: whether they are: Writers, Directors, Actors, Poets, Painters, Singers, etc … are the conscious of their time. They leave behind the purest reflection of society, the truest documentation of history; transcending and rising above the simplicity of politics, religion, education, class, economic barriers and the like, illustrating the greater truth of one’s time.

    This film, “99%” is an amazing in-debt Re-construction of the life of a modern day 99% PERCENT-ER! Acting well done! Casting perfection! A Cast harmonic.

    I want the film to show me more, but all I have to do walk-out my front door. I see neighbours, friends and other 99% Americans living the struggle.

    Well done!


    Khadijah Khadijah

  36. Alicia Towers Post author

    Yes, Hillary Rottenberg and others, below, are absolutely correct:
    99% is THE MOST IMPORTANT FILM of the year! It’s also a MASTERPIECE in every cinematic term.
    My friends and family would love to see it get all the exposure and awards it deserves: FILM FESTIVALS; WEBBYS, what have you? This will be great news not only for the American cinema but for our whole culture as well. After all, how many narrative films ( non-documentary or mockumentary ) do you know that incorporates into its fabric, so eloquently, the greatest living thinker in the world NOAM CHOMSKY?
    The genius of CELIK KAYALAR, PhD, the writer/director/producer of 99% comes through here, laud and clear. No wonder his friends and associates think he is a Renaissance Man and call him The Maestro.
    My heart felt congratulations Maestro. Please don’t wait too long to make your next film. Thank you!

  37. Hillary Rottenberg Post author

    In this extraordinary film, writer-director CELIK KAYALAR also says (through his lead actor Carl Lumbly):
    “We are not fighting the 1%, we are fighting FOR the 100%”
    Well said Celik! You made the MOST IMPORTANT & BEAUTIFUL movie of the year. Congratulations! May your and your associates’ noble efforts be amply rewarded. A WEBBY AWARD in May will be a good start!

  38. Richard M. Post author

    “This degree of economic inequality is immoral and not sustainable!”
    The lead actor of “99%” Carl Lumbly says in this great film, as written and directed by Celik Kayalar, PhD. Now, with sequestration coming down the pike, it will get even worse. Maybe its time to stop celebrating horseshit movies Hollywood gives Oscars to and start paying attention to what highly intelligent and educated people like Kayalar are saying in their meaningful movies such as “99%”.

  39. Maryanne Blake Post author

    SEQUESTRATION! More cuts, more misery on its way for the working people of America.
    Folks, chickens are coming home to roost.
    Thank you NOAM CHOMSKY for warning us for this sad predicament for decades.
    Thank you CELIK KAYALAR for making this amazing, beautiful film to put the desperate plight of our people front and center. What timing! It is PROPHETIC!
    Your personal sacrifice and courage in making this film fill me with gratitude but also with hope and inspiration. Nobility is alive!
    God bless you both!
    Thank you Ed Schultz for sending me here to watch this phenomenal film, I listen to your show every day.

  40. Spencer Norman Post author

    Amazing film!
    Thank you Ed Schultz for sending me here from your radio-show.
    Thank you Celik Kayalar for making this film and posting it on the Internet for free!
    I’m a fan!

  41. Jeff N. Post author

    Superb writing & directing, indeed!
    Bravo Celik Kayalar!
    Acting is amazing too!
    I’d like to see more films like this one made and distributed. May be we can all learn something, feel something, start becoming a “thinking” culture and grow. Before it gets too late. Thanks Kayalar, Chomsky and associates for opening my eyes! And, heart!

  42. Doris Belvedere Post author

    With his superb writing and directing in “99%”, Kayalar makes some of our famous, Oscar-winning filmmakers look like bunch of amateurs (Tarantino, Affleck, Spielberg…).
    Kayalar’s 2009 feature-length masterpiece “Moonlight Sonata” was also completely ignored by Hollywood’s mighty “Celebrity-Industrial Complex” even though it played at 13 film festivals within a year and won 4 prestigious awards.
    May be it is time to take another look at this brilliant “Renaissance Man” and his work? Who knows, may be our whole struggling culture – and not just our pathetic film industry – can benefit from his wisdom and vision.
    Doris Belvedere
    Film Historian
    New York

  43. Mark Graham Post author

    Extraordinary film! A must see!
    As the sequestration takes effect, the economic inequality in America will grow and get even more painful for the vast majority of our citizens.
    In “99%”, Maestro-Kayalar says, through his lead-actor, the incomparable Carl Lumbly, “This degree of economic inequality is immoral and not sustainable!”. Washington-Republicans, are you listening?
    Hollywood just patted itself ( and the good old CIA-Boys ) on the back by giving the Oscar to Ben Affleck’s “Argo”. How about if we cut the bullshit and start listening to and rewarding films like Kayalar’s “99%” instead, which is highly prophetic, relevant, honest, intelligent and incredibly artistic? Too much to ask for? Lets hope Webby Awards’ final jury will lead the way in May.

  44. Maggie Post author

    Wow! Already an award (Best Narrative) at a major LA festival! Hoping for many more to come…all the way to a Webby Award in May!
    We are all rooting for this terrific film!
    Maggie and 17 other big fans of “99%”

  45. Jason N. Kamalie

    A wonderful short film that, in a short space, bundled together many of the effects and aspects of the economic unfairness that derived thie context we know as the Occupy Movement. I was surprised at the ending — which maybe makes the film better to some; but I would have preferred a more positive climax. But the messages of the Occupy movement were articulated well and the movie does a good job of showing the real concerns of Occupy. We’ve been (purposely) mischaracterized as lazy, self-entitled, aggressive, violent. When the real message of Occupy is the urgent need for systemic changes to the economic systems, taxation, relationships and networks between corporations, the uber-rich, and government, and a general higher quality of life that is deserved by so many, while the richest of the rich have grown their incomes by obscene proportions over the last two decades. A good film, good writing, and effective message.

  46. adrianne q. Post author

    Yes, this film deserves every award in sight. Should have gotten an OSCAR. Hope it gets a WEBBY in May.
    I have never felt so connected, both emotional and intellectually, to a film in my life.
    Friends, this is majestic filmmaking!
    Bravo! And, thank you!

  47. Beatrice F. Post author

    In agreement with Anthony Carson, below,”99%” is the best & most important short film I’ve ever seen. Very wrong and unfair that it wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar ( Yes, the Academy rules need to change ).
    Well, may be Webby Awards will remedy that injustice in May.
    GO “99%”!
    Filmmaker, Los Angeles

  48. Anthony Carson Post author

    99% is the BEST short-film I’ve ever seen.
    It’s the MOST IMPORTANT short-film I’ve ever seen.
    A WEBBY AWARD? Of course!
    How about a retroactive OSCAR?
    Anthony Carson
    Writer, Director, Producer

  49. A.K. Post author

    WE ARE THE 99%!
    WE ARE “ANNE PAGE”! Thank you Ms.Pace for portraying her so beautifully.
    WE ARE “CARL WESTEN”! Thank you Mr.Lumbly for portraying him so passionately.
    THANK YOU Drs.KAYALAR & CHOMSKY! Your courage and sacrifice in making this amazing film have not escaped our attention. We are grateful beyond words…

  50. Eleanor N. Post author

    Drastic budget cuts are coming from Washington (Sequestration). We will all be, if we’re not already, “Anne Page” and other memorable, struggling characters depicted in this amazing short film “99%”.
    America, it’s time to wake up! Lets stop celebrating feel-good, fake-ending, irrelevant Hollywood films like “Argo” (just won the Oscar) and start paying attention to what the important thinkers and moral guides of our Nation are saying, for a change.
    Thank you Dr.Celik Kayalar for using your brilliance and formidable filmmaking skills in the service of all of us, the 100%, in your latest masterpiece: “99%”.
    Thank you Prof.Noam Chomsky for being there for us, once again, lending your voice so honestly and brilliantly to your friend Kayalar’s film. This Nation will be forever grateful to you and all the other makers of “99%”.
    Please, lets get the word out! The battle for Economic Justice is just starting!
    President Obama, may force be with you!

  51. Tammy Woodruff Post author

    This film is so good! So timely and relevant… everybody should see it. I already watched it 3 times, in the last two days, and have been telling all my friends about it, too.
    A win at WEBBYS in May will increase it’s profile which in turn will help it get watched by many more. Hope it happens cause this is the kind of great, intelligent art we need in America right now, and desperately!
    Congratulations and thank you Dr.Kayalar for making this extraordinary film. Your courageous and noble stand for ALL of us is much appreciated.

  52. Ashanna King Post author

    NOBLE CAUSE. Noble men and women raising up to the occasion so magnificently: Kayalar, Chomsky, Pace, Lumbly… and all the rest of the Cast & Crew of this most important film of the year! THANK YOU ALL!
    Hope you win the WEBBY AWARD for your efforts, too (if it matters to you). Cause you deserve to win every award out there! You sure won my vote… and heart!

  53. Susan H. Post author

    It’s time for ECONOMIC JUSTICE in AMERICA!
    It’s time to cut the bullshit (including that pours out of Hollywood’s “Celebrity – Industrial Complex”) and start helping our country get back on the right track!
    Time to start helping President Obama fight the bought & paid for Republican Obstructionist in Washington who work only for the 1% ( as Celik Kayalar and the great Noam Chomsky & Colleagues did here ).
    ECONOMIC JUSTICE for the 100%!, ECONOMIC JUSTICE for ALL PEOPLE!, as Kayalar’s fantastic and courageous film says so clearly yet so artistically here ( and what a job the great actor Carl Lumbly does in saying it in this film! )
    With deep gratitude to the makers of this unforgettable masterpiece.

  54. alana russell Post author

    Just watched it… I still have tears in my eyes…
    Bravo Kayalar! Bravo Cast and Crew!
    Hope you all win at the WEBBYS and win big! It will be a win for all of us, the 99% of the citizens of America!

  55. ben k. Post author

    Heard about “99%” on Ed Schultz’s radio show. Thank you Ed, it is a TERRIFIC FILM!
    Please watch it and pass it on: call, email, text, tweet all your friends…
    Everybody should see and learn from it. Boy, do we need films like this right now in America!
    Thank you Celik Kayalar for making it!

  56. bruce k. Post author

    Oscar went to “Argo” for the best movie of 2012. Sure, it’s a very good movie. Ben Affleck grew tremendously as a director, producing his best work to date with “Argo” (he’s still not much of an actor, so he should have cast someone else in the lead role, but that’s another matter).
    As Victoria Bergman commented here (below), I thoroughly enjoyed watching “Argo” and forgot about it the next day. Till I was reminded of it as I was watching Golden Globes and Oscars.
    I watched Celik Kayalar’s “99%” just recently. I was dumbstruck! Saying it’s a “masterpiece” doesn’t even begin doing justice to this incredible short-film. Being quite an “accomplished” indie filmmaker of 25 years myself, I was in awe and still am in awe of the story, message, directing, acting and cinematic beauty of “99%”! I don’t think I stopped thinking about it in the last 10 days since I watched it the first time (and, many times since).
    Maestro-Kayalar, hope to see you at the WEBBY AWARDS in May. Hope you and your extraordinary film win. If not, I will be deeply disappointed. Regardless, will be very much looking forward to your next film. My hats off to you, Maestro!

  57. Allison Worldland Post author

    ARGO wins the Oscars. Now that the shameless Hollywood’s patting itself on the back is over, can we get back to the important business of appreciating some real, truthful and relevant films? Those that can make us think, feel and educate, all at the same time?
    How about if we started with “99%”, Celik Kayalar’s extraordinary short-film which is a cinematic and cultural phenomenon/masterpiece in every sense of the word?
    May be WEBBY AWARDS will lead the way in showing their appreciation for it, come May. My respect for their jury would sky-rocket if they did.

  58. Victoria Bergman Post author

    OSCAR Nominated Feature-Films:

    LINCOLN: Great film, thoroughly enjoyed while watching. Forgot about it the next day.
    ARGO: Same as above.

    NOT Nominated for OSCAR (Short-Film):

    99%: Great film, thoroughly enjoyed while watching it ( and, cried, too ). Still thinking and talking about it 4 weeks later.


  59. Ryan M. Post author

    99%: What a movie!
    Two thumbs up! Way up!
    The best short-film I ever watched on the Internet, and I watch a lot of them.
    Good luck in May!

  60. jonathan mcneils Post author

    Saw all the Oscar nominees in the short-film category, at a local theater. In my humble opinion, none of them were at par with “99%”, Celik Kayalar’s masterpiece here.
    So glad “99%” is now short-listed for a WEBBY AWARD (a huge accomplishment already; big Congrats!). Hope it wins in May.

  61. Kathy B. Post author

    Oscar Mania is upon us. Hollywood based Celebrity-Industrial Complex has been relentlessly promoting it’s favorites for various awards for months; they’ll announce their “winners” in two days with much fanfare.
    Are we really to believe that Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and Affleck’s “Argo”, with their fake, feel-good endings are better films than Kayalar’s “99%” here? Do Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence really deliver more memorable performances in “Silver Linings Playbook” than Carl Lumbly & Jessiqa Pace in “99%”?
    Thank you Kayalar for not giving in to Hollywood’s BS and instead making a film that is so truthful, educational and inspiring with exceptional cinematic beauty in it all around. “99%” will be watched and talked about for many, many years after all of these fake Hollywood products mentioned above are long forgotten.

  62. Jeremiah Archer Post author

    Celik Kayalar wrote, directed and produced the most important film of the year: 99%. He did it in such a beautiful and artistic way that my family, friends and I watched it over and over again. Each time we learned, were moved and inspired by something new and profound in this extraordinary film.
    Of course, Kayalar should get a Webby Award for his amazing accomplishment. If the final Webby Jury has any sense of fairness and good judgement, he should. He should also get an Oscar but he wont, cause films shown on the Internet do not qualify for Oscar. What a silly and archaic rule Academy holds on to, and continues to impose on great art and the rest of us! Change it please!
    We’re all sick and tired of being dumbed down in America. This has been going on for too long. Kayalar to the rescue! Pure genius on his part to bring Prof. Noam Chomsky to this project, as well.
    Thank you Kayalar and your amazing Cast & Crew! Can’t wait to see your next film!
    Jeremiah Archer
    Indie Filmmaker

  63. Melanie K. Post author

    A WEBBY AWARD for 99% will be very much deserved. So would an Oscar. They don’t make movies like this anymore. This is no Hollywood bs they’ve been shoving down our throats for decades, this is the real deal. Proud to know Celik Kayalar, the brilliant writer-director of 99%. Proud to have studied at his extraordinary film acting & directing school FABA : http://www.filmactingbayarea.com (We call it the Fabulous FABA)
    Congratulations Maestro! You are the best!

  64. Yolanda Kerr Post author

    99% and Kayalar should win a Webby Award. And, hopefully will. It’s an extraordinary film.
    But, it should also win an Oscar, yet it won’t. Why, because it is not even nominated due to some ridiculous Academy rule that excludes films which have already played on the Internet.
    Is it a bad thing that 99% did play on the Internet and thousands already watched and enjoyed it, in such a short time, all around the world? For free, mind you?

  65. Brian L. Post author

    Writing: A+
    Directing: A+
    Acting: A+
    Also, just watched all the Oscar nominated short-films for 2012. Please step aside and make room for “99%”, would you?
    Kayalar Rules!

  66. Greg S. Post author

    I’ve known Celik Kayalar for the last 35 years. His PhD. thesis is a milestone in bioenergetics and responsible for earning his mentor Prof. Paul Boyer the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1997. We didn’t call Celik “The Maestro” in those days but knew him to be a real scientific genius. Now, with “99%”, he proves his genius once again in the arts and adds to his fast growing reputation as a truly “Renaissance Man”. Did you know that he is also a very accomplished painter ? (his wonderful, thought-provoking paintings are displayed in “99%” and his previous masterpiece “Moonlight Sonata”).
    Bravo Maestro! Very proud to be your friend!

  67. Melissa M. Post author

    Masterful writing, masterful story-telling! This is the kind of film I’d like to see more often:
    Informs, Uplifts, Inspires, Makes you feel true human emotions.
    All cast lead by Jessiqa Pace & Carl Lumbly give excellent performances.
    Kudos to the writer-director Celik Kayalar. Hope gets every award in sight and then some.

  68. edward m. Post author


  69. kelly morgan Post author

    Webby Awards Finalist?! And, a chance to win in April?! This is great news for all the fans of “99%”. It is time socially important and meaningful indie films get recognized and rewarded in this country. Its clear that Celik Kayalar put his money where his mouth is and sacrificed a lot to make this gem of a short-film. My hats off to him for creating such an extraordinary work of art which gives its audience so much to think about, feel and enjoy.
    Thank you “Maestro” and Encore! Encore!

  70. alan Post author

    This is very big! Finalist for a WEBBY AWARD!!! And, may go all the way and win in April! Hope it does.
    Congratulations! Can’t think of another short-film which deserves it more this year.
    Members of Academy for Oscars, are you listening?

  71. Jennifer Colman Post author

    Webby Awards are very prestigious; equivalent of the Oscars on the Internet. Therefore, big CONGRATULATIONS to Kayalar & his team for making it to the finals already at the Webbys. Hope they win in April. Their terrific movie deserves to win all the awards available out there.
    If it weren’t for the silly rules of the Academy, “99%” would have been nominated and most likely won at the Oscars on Feb 24th, also.
    Regardless, everybody should see this terrific movie and pass it on to their friends. From its superior writing, directing to cinematography, music-score and acting, it is truly a MASTERPIECE. Not to mention its relevance and importance for the times we live in. Hope Maestro-Kayalar follows this with another one and soon. His fans will be eagerly waiting. I am….

  72. Meredith N. Post author

    With this extraordinary film, Celik Kayalar, PhD. establishes himself as one of the most important and relevant film directors in America. Granted its only 22 minutes long, but as others already pointed out here, in it’s meaning, message, artistic beauty and expertise in story-telling, this short-film is clearly superior to some of the feature-length Oscar contenders of this year.
    Kayalar also gets amazing performances from his actors most of whom from his own film acting school, “Film Acting Bay Area”. Being an acting teacher and an excellent actor himself must have contributed to Kayalar’s superb skills to direct his actors in this film (and in his previous feature-length masterpiece “Moonlight Sonata”, which has played in 13 festivals and won 4 prestigious awards).
    His ability to attract Carl Lumbly to his project as his male-lead speaks to the respect Kayalar receives from well-established actors in the industry. Not to mention his casting of Prof.Noam Chomsky as himself, a very first for this world-renown intellectual and the greatest living philosopher in the world in a non-documentary film. Apparently, Kayalar’s reputation and respectability as a Nobel caliber scientist has come into play in his success in getting Chomsky on board in such an amazing way in this project. I assume Kayalar’s reputation as a “Renaissance Man” and the respect, admiration and affection he rightfully gets from those who know him didn’t hurt him there either.
    American Cinema will benefit immensely, if Kayalar – and others like him, if there are any – continue to lend their brilliance to relevant and artistic filmmaking in this country in the years to come. Amen!

  73. Destiny C. Post author

    President Obama needs our continued support in the battle ahead for the rights of all Americans.
    Drs.Kayalar, Chomsky and their team took a very noble and courageous stand here with their amazing film “99%”, and released it on the Internet for the whole world to watch for free (the release-date: two weeks before the November 6th elections did not escape the attention of Obama supporters. Thank you!). Lets follow in their footsteps and keep helping President Obama in his battle for the economic justice for us all, the 100% (as Kayalar’s film eloquently but powerfully proposes and promotes).
    Thank you and good luck to us all.
    Destiny C.

  74. Jean M. Post author

    Prophetic, Inspirational and Beautiful Movie.
    Watched it with my husband (we’re both school teachers in our fifties). We were moved to tears – which never happens to us in a movie – learned a lot about the present state of our country’s economy and how it is effecting all of us. And, wisely cautioned about what might still come, all in the context of a masterfully crafted, directed and acted narrative (non-documentary) film with a terrific climax.

  75. Dian S. Post author

    With “99%”, Kayalar achieves, in just 22 minutes (and in a low-budget indie-film, mind you) what famous Hollywood directors such as Spielberg, Tarantino, Bigelow and Affleck fail in close to 3 hours each in their multi-million dollar movies: To move the audience EMOTIONALLY, while giving them a highly intellectual, educational and inspirational movie experience.
    Huge congratulations to Maestro-Kayalar and the team he put together to create this extraordinary 22-min film, including his highly competent cast & crew, and, of course, the incomparable Noam Chomsky! Thank you all!

  76. princefeliz

    If any one watching this short film is not touched by it, he or she definitely lacks the understanding of today’s job market. We are all expendables and sadly it could be a matter of time in our current job whether we clean floors or hold a PhD.

  77. Allison J. Post author

    The pessimism expressed by Bobby Jones (below) is understandable. But, I would rather go with Kayalar & Chomsky’s message in “99%” and therefore keep hope alive for the future of our democracy, as imperfect as it might be. If we give up on our democratic means, the 1% will surely win.
    What I also got out of watching this terrific short-film (in every aspect of filmmaking, it is terrific!) is that we need to be aware and ready for the dangers posed by the dark forces lurking in the shadows, while we continue fighting for the economic justice in this country using our democratic rights and means, as in VOTING.
    Thank you Kayalar & Co. for making “99%” and posting it on the Internet for all to watch for free. And, just in time for the Nov.6th Presidential election. I’d also like to think that it inspired many to vote for Obama, as some of the other commentators here have already said.

  78. Bobby Jones

    The most important point about this well-defined argument is that it is to late. This pendulum is swinging back. This path of erosion is to far along its way. The country/ world banking community is to well woven together for just these United States to fix the economic pit that is widening by the second. All of the world economies are tied together. There are those who argue there is nothing wrong with our economy, and there are those who argue there is something wrong with our economy/ its structure. The government is spending very unwisely, and the democrats are cowards and not smart. The republicans are not smart and the special interest money barons are not smart. Greed and power has blinded them. The bandage that will be put in place is just that a bandage. Each time we have gone through one of these down turns, equity moves further away. It is to far away to be recovered using basic standards. This is just the beginning of something that must be. In order for the playing field to even appear level again, this economy must fall, and it will fall, thus we are in a quagmire. Those who have the power to change it don’t want it to change and those who want it to change doesn’t have the power, I’m among the latter. Wealth and power is never voluntarily given up, it is always taken, thus this quagmire. The day of reckoning is coming whether we like it or not.

  79. Gregory L. Post author

    This is majestic filmmaking. I get to watch lots of movies, long and short (I sit on the selection committee of a prominent film festival). “99%” is the BEST FILM I’ve seen for a long time. From it’s superb story, acting & directing, to it’s excellent cinematography, music and editing, this short-film stands heads and shoulders above any movie that came to my attention, lately. This includes even the much talked about, Oscar-nominated ones such as “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Argo”, “Amour”, “Lincoln” and a few others that make up the rest of this year’s list.
    Congratulations to all involved in the making of “99%”, but especially, of course, it’s writer-director Celik Kayalar. Did a bit of research on Dr.Kayalar; found out that his friends and colleagues know him as a truly “Renaissance Man” and lovingly refer to him as the “Maestro”. I’m not surprised. Will eagerly be waiting for his next masterpiece.

  80. Jennifer B. Post author

    Jessiqa Pace for Oscar!
    Carl Lumbly for Oscar!
    Celik Kayalar for Oscar!
    Prof.Noam Chomsky for Nobel Peace Prize!
    Bravo! and THANK YOU!

  81. Anne Post author

    Love this movie. Very relevant and important, as well as very artistic. Beautifully acted and directed. Cinematography and music score are excellent too. Wish they made more movies like this. Thank you Celik Kayalar for giving us this gift. Now, I understand why they call you the Maestro. Hope this movie gets all the awards out there, it deserves it. Best wishes. Anne

  82. James L. Post author

    Fantastic film! Everyone who cares about the future of this country should see it. Superb social commentary blended into a very artful, moving, touching narrative. I guess this is what happens when two great minds, Noam Chomsky and Celik Kayalar, collaborate on a project. I hope they do it again and often. Bravo!

  83. Kathleen

    Thank you for telling this story in so moving a fashion. The 99% are not lazy bums, they are speaking out against the monied power of the 1% that has corrupted business and politics in this nation.

  84. Janis Bart Post author

    Don’t know about the “most important” but this film is VERY IMPORTANT! And, BEAUTIFUL too!
    It explains the present and predicts the future, all in the context of a fictional story and characters ( acted superbly by the cast, but especially by the lead-actors Jessiqa Pace & Carl Lumbly ), and the magnificent NOAM CHOMSKY, playing himself. WOW! It doesn’t get any better than this, folks! Watch it!

  85. eva j. Post author

    “The Maestro” did it again!
    Yes, Kayalar’s “99%” is truly a masterpiece, as well as being PROPHETIC. In agreement with dennis k. here, it is also the “MOST IMPORTANT FILM of the year (including Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, etc…)”.
    I happily predict many festival acceptances will follow (2 already in such a short time!) and much-deserved awards, too.

  86. dennis k. Post author

    This film is a MASTERPIECE!
    The story, the message and the way it’s told make it a truly cinematic MASTERPIECE!
    NOAM CHOMSKY is amazing, as always. He explains how we got here and what’s to come in this country so brilliantly. It’s pure genius on CELIK KAYALAR’s part to cast CHOMSKY, the greatest philosopher & intellectual of our time, as himself, and blend him into the narrative while surrounding him with a superb cast of professional and semi-professional actors.
    The acting Kayalar gets out of his leads, CARL LUMBLY and JESSIQA PACE, is extraordinary; if this was a film competing at the Oscars, these two actors would definitely get nominated. So would Kayalar, needless to say, for best writer & director.
    Cinematography, Editing, Music are all excellent too, making this the MOST IMPORTANT FILM of the year (including Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, etc…).

  87. Erica O. Post author

    This is a wonderful film. Hope it gets into all sorts of festivals and wins the highest awards.
    Cast is very strong, The leads JESSIQA PACE and CARL LUMBLY do a fabulous job. All the other actors are excellent too. Bravo FILM ACTING BAY AREA! Bravo CELIK KAYALAR for writing and directing it! Thank you Professor NOAM CHOMSKY for being in it and educating us for the betterment of our country and the world! We are grateful!

  88. james l. Post author

    Wow! Didn’t know an indie short-film could be this good!
    Big congratulations to its makers! I’ll be recommending it to all my friends and family.
    Checked out Film Acting Bay Area’s website too ( http://www.filmactingbayarea.com ), looked great! I may start taking acting classes there soon. Thank you for all of this in the Bay Area, we needed it.

  89. jennifer Post author

    Wonderful film! Made me cry, think…Kudos to cast and crew! Kudos to “Film Acting Bay Area” (FABA), I’m very proud to be an acting student there, Celik Kayalar’s superb film acting school in Emeryville, CA. Check it out at: http://www.filmactingbayarea.com
    Its AWARDS time for this great film, hope it happens!

  90. Danny Reascos

    This. Is. Ridiculous. They are showing success as a bad thing. They are showing that all businessmen are are greedy people who hold all the money for themselves. Has it ever occurred to anyone to actually do any research as to where the wealth of this country is actually going? First of all, the wealth 1% pay more in taxes than the rest of the 99% combined. that’s with tax subsidies and tax write offs. Also, why is it that you only attack the businessman for making a hard earned profit for his business? But fame those like Snooky, Lil Wayne, JWOWW, A$AP Rocky, Rick Ross, and the other Hollywood actors and singers? they too also make a clear hunk of change and no one seems to even remotely question there wealth? Especially when some of them got it by showing there vagina to the public or rapping about sex, drugs, and money. How is THAT being idealized but having a successful business isn’t? also, the wealth 1% pay more to charities than the rest of the population. There is no greed in wanting to become successful. there is no wrong in working. and there is no shame in making it in life. However, society clearly seems to see this differently. Every man and woman, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, tall, short, skinny, or fat, has the chance to make it. By all means do some people have it worse than others. But by NO MEANS can no one make it. It is not the separation of power or wealth that has corrupted this economy. As a matter of fact, this economy wouldn’t even exist without the separation, for businesses wouldn’t survive, people would not have jobs and SURELY you would be in absolute poverty. For those who are not knowledgeable in economics, I highly recommend you learn what type of system we have and how it works. We have a Capitalistic Economy. This is where the strongest business survives and thrives and competes with others and also where they grow and put the people to work so that the people may eat. There is no such thing as a free hand out. Famous words from Wiz Khalifa (someone you idealize)- Work hard, play hard.

  91. alicia k. Post author

    Love this film! Hope it gets into many, many festivals. Too bad it does not qualify for Oscars due to Academy’s stupid rules (it already played on the Internet) So what? Isn’t it a good thing?
    In America, no, make it the World, our only HOPE is people of intelligence, knowledge and conscience such as Kayalar, Chomsky (and, all the others who worked on this film and did such a wonderful job) to come out, take a stand and SPEAK UP!
    Watch this film and pass it on, please.
    Thank you “Film Acting Bay Area” Productions! Thank you Dr.Kayalar!

  92. Ali K. Post author

    This is an exceptional film. I’m tempted to say even PROPHETIC, considering the events we’ve been living through in this country since its release on the Internet about two months ago. This is what a great work of ART supposed to be like. Hope it does not get ignored by the public and film experts alike and ends up getting the accolades it very much deserves. Two thumbs up, way up! Congratulations!

  93. Angela V. Post author

    Hurray for Professor Chomsky!
    Hurray for Director Kayalar!
    Hurray for great film making!
    Didn’t think you Americans had it in you but obviously I was wrong.
    Angela V.
    from Berlin, Germany

  94. derek p. Post author

    Our country is in trouble. Hard times are ahead, economically, socially, culturally. Noam Chomsky has been warning us about this for decades. With his amazing short-film “99%”, now Kayalar lends his voice (while making Chomsky’s more accessible) and his formidable filmmaking talents to the much-needed education of our citizens.
    Would love to see these two great minds – a generation apart – team up more often in this very admirable pursuit.
    Congratulations to all who made this artistic, beautiful, sensitive, educational and inspirational movie a reality. And, so easily and freely accessible to us all. THANK YOU!

  95. melissa n. Post author

    love this movie! made me think a lot, feel a lot. learned from noam chomsky so much; what a great idea to have him as himself within a fictional-story!
    hats off to celik kayalar and his very talented cast & crew!
    when can we expect the next one? please don’t take too long. thanks!

  96. kristen b. Post author

    Don’t let the 1% and their bought and paid for reps in Washington steal our future, the 99%. Thanks Celik Kayalar for speaking up with your powerful, touching, beautiful film! Thanks Professor Noam Chomsky for continuing to educate us, fight for us; its majestic of you to take part in this wonderful film! Thanks all the cast & crew!
    I salute you all!

  97. joe n. Post author

    we need more courageous people like noam chomsky and celik kayalar speaking up. standing up to the rich and powerful. otherwise the 1% will continue to rob us blind and destroy what is left of our freedoms and economic fairness in this country.
    every caring citizen should watch this great film by kayalar (with noam chomsky in it) and pass it on to others. thanks for standing up for us, the 99%!

  98. lea c. Post author

    Spielberg’s 150-min masterpiece “Lincoln” deals with a very important chapter in our nation’s history (side-steps his assassination; deemed too obvious and/or painful to show?); receives high praise from film critics and audiences alike, not to mention numerous awards and nominations (and, deservedly so).
    Kayalar’s 20-min masterpiece “99%” deals with our nation’s current state of affairs and mounting problems (as in growing economic inequality); side-steps nothing, painful or otherwise; wisely warns us what’s yet to come unless we act now (my take on the film’s message); and is pretty much ignored by every film critic, so far.
    Folks, what’s wrong with this picture?

  99. Andreas W. Post author

    Fantastic Filmmaking!
    I teach film directing at a prominent 4 year college in California. I’ll be inviting Dr.Celik Kayalar to come, meet and lecture my students. They can all benefit from hearing from the maestro and his superb filmmaking technique. I did, by just watching the “99%”.

  100. jeffery Post author

    Why is “Acting” so good in this film?
    Knowing the acting business and knowing Celik personally, here are my reasons:
    1) Celik is a very well trained actor, himself. His rare screen and stage performances are a delight to watch (but, he seems to prefer writing & directing to acting).
    2) Consequently, he casts very well.
    3) His actors, knowing that he is one of them, like and respect him tremendously (making him truly an “Actors’ Director”).
    4) Because of all of the above, Celik constantly gets superior performances from his actors. They know and appreciate this very much. That’s why they can’t wait to work with him again.
    The film acting school he started and runs in Emeryville: “Film Acting Bay Area” (“Fabulous FABA”, as some of its loyal students affectionately call the place) is arguably the best school of its kind in Northern California. Even when he is not teaching, Celik is there during almost all classes taught by some of the best and most respected acting teachers in the Bay Area. Therefore, Celik not only knows what actors know, feel, go through and can do at various levels of expertise, but how their performances on camera can be improved from take to take. Learning by teaching! Wish all film directors had Celik’s vision, background and approach to filmmaking.
    Thanks Celik! Please keep up the great work you’re doing both in your films and at FABA!

  101. Maggie G. Post author

    Jessiqa Pace gives a layered, beautiful, touching performance as the young, struggling schoolteacher. Carl Lumbly is terrific as her inspirational college professor. Rob Nilsson is excellent in playing the panel-host. It is unheard of that an indie short-film would be this well cast and acted. Congratulations to all cast-members!
    Writer-Director-Producer Celik Kayalar, PhD. demonstrates here, once again, why they call him “The Maestro”. An extremely powerful, socially important and artistically beautiful film from the Nobel caliber mind of a brilliant scientist and humanist filmmaker. It doesn’t get any better than this, see it for yourself!
    By the way, I also believe that this film, by inspiring thousands to vote, helped Obama get re-elected
    Celik – Thank You & Congratulations!
    Happy Holidays!
    PS: I’d love to be in your next film, whatever it might be…

  102. adam teller Post author

    Being released on the Internet about 2 weeks before Nov 6th elections, did this great film help President Obama get reelected? I believe it did! Let me tell you about my own experience with it. I was so inspired by it that not only did I go out and vote for Obama (I wasn’t gonna do that this time), but I did influence at least 10 friends and family members to do the same. Possibly they each influenced a few, in turn. Just like a chain reaction…
    Thank you Dr.Kayalar for starting that chain reaction, at least for this sceptic, with your well-timed and touching, teaching and extremely powerful film! The hard work of bringing about economic justice in our country may be just starting, hope you and visionaries like you – who are willing to put their money where their mouths are – continue to lead and inspire the rest of us. God bless!
    And, thank you Prof.Noam Chomsky, too!

  103. Michelle B. Post author

    Great movie! Loved it, made me cry, think, feel for others and the times we’re going through. Wish they made more movies like this. Acting was terrific too! Congratulations!
    Merry Christmas!

  104. William Post author

    Dark theme indeed. Deep, layered and philosophical too. Very European… Kayalar’s “Moonlight Sonata” (feature-length) was like that too. Not for the faint hearted. Yet his play “Couch” was a hilarious comedy. Curious what he’ll come up with next. Will be looking forward to it cause whatever it will be, I’m certain I will enjoy and learn from it. Must be my European parents…

  105. Maureen M. Post author

    Pretty dark theme especially for the Christmas Season. Well made film but not for everybody for sure. Wouldn’t let my young kids watch it; they could use more Santa and less Chomsky at this stage in their lives.
    Good luck with it at the festivals and all that…
    Merry Christmas!

  106. meredith a. Post author

    Do they give Oscars to short films? If they do, here are my nominations:
    Best Movie: 99%
    Best Director: Celik Kayalar
    Best Actor: Carl Lumbly
    Best Actress: Jessica Pace

  107. Veronice Masse Post author

    I’m an indie filmmaker myself. I don’t see many films out there that I say “Wish I had directed that one”, too often. This one I did. It impressed and affected me so deeply that I went back to watch it again and again. 3 weeks later, still can’t get it out of my mind.
    This is, of course, largely due to Celik Kayalar’s superb writing and directing. He keeps the editing simple and non-intrusive, completely in the service of the story-telling (as it should be). Don Starnes’ excellent cinematography and Spencer Nilsen’s subtle and touching music all achieve their goals perfectly.
    Have not seen this level of great acting in any film lately, indie or otherwise. The esteemed film, tv and stage actor Carl Lumbly shines! Hands down, his best performance on camera that I’m aware of. The newcomer Jessiqa Pace, as the female lead, delivers a wonderful performance too, full of heart & soul. Together with Mr.Lumbly, she brought me – and my friends – to tears several times, which is a very rare occurrence for us, the old cynics.
    Performances by other actors – I understand mostly from Kayalar’s film acting school FABA – are excellent too. The choice of casting famous Prof.Noam Chomsky as himself and blending his part into the fabric of the narrative is pure genius. Wish I could do something like that in one of my films, as brilliantly as Kayalar did here.
    This short-film doesn’t have a single false note in it, believe me I looked. So, my hats off to you Dr.Kayalar for giving us such a beautiful, socially important work of art! Hope you do it again and soon. I’m a fan.

  108. robert r. Post author

    Very powerful and beautiful film! Celik is probably one of the twenty best and most important indie filmmakers in America today. He can write and direct better than anybody I know personally, and I know a lot of them.
    Did you know that he is also a terrific actor? Wish public got to see his on-screen work more often. His personal knowledge of the art & craft of acting (he is the founder and director of the excellent film acting school “Film Acting Bay Area”) is probably what makes him a great “actors’ director”. His actors all love working with him, and why wouldn’t they when their director can get such superior performances out of them while respecting their individual choices and treating them with such gentle care?
    Maestro, keep it up! I’m very proud to be your friend and colleague for all these years.
    Warm Regards

  109. michael j. Post author

    I cried watching this beautiful movie. Everybody should see it, and yes it should win the Oscar. This is what majestic movie making is all about. Congratulations to all cast and crew (acting is excellent, so are the editing, cinematography and the music-score). No wonder they call the writer-director Celik Kayalar The Maestro. In paying tribute to his heritage, here I propose an additional name for this brilliant man of the arts & sciences:
    Celik The Magnificent!

  110. Brian D. Post author

    I wholeheartedly second the motion to nominate 99% for an OSCAR in the short-film category. Kayalar as the best writer/director too, of course (if Academy rules allowed such a nomination, but unfortunately don’t). What he and his cast & crew achieved here is vastly superior to anything else I’ve seen lately, as the short-films go (and, I get to see a lot of them; I’ve been on the selection committees at several major film-festivals, for some time now). Kudos & Encore!

  111. Leo V. Post author

    We Italians love this movie too. Very well done and very timely. Recommending it to everybody. Hoping to see more like it from Dr.Celik Kayalar. He sure can write and direct (and edit).
    Also very happy to know he is a Renaissance Man too. Makes him almost Italian, No? Honored!

  112. Marcel S. Post author

    From France.
    America, please make more movies like this one, not comic-book crap!
    Please lead, not mislead! The World needs it, YOU need it!
    Monsieur Kayalar, merci beaucoup!

  113. janet Post author

    Great film! Loved the story, the characters and the terrific message. Major accomplishment, congratulations!
    Its amazing that the original paintings in the film are by the director Celik Kayalar. Appreciated the posters by Frida Kahlo too, ingenious!
    Went and checked, the original paintings used in “Moonlight Sonata” are also painted by Kayalar, so can we see them all sometime in an exhibit may be? That would be so nice. Congrats again and many thanks!

  114. Ed Post author

    Very lovable man, indeed! Very generous and helpful to others; all his cast and crew in 99% adored him and can’t wait to work with him again. It’s a great feeling to know that a very decent, super intelligent, highly competant Renaissance Man is at the helm.

  115. alex a. Post author


    Don’t qualify for nomination for some bs rule Academy has? Then, how about some other BIG AWARD?

    This is what GREAT FILMMAKING is all about! Or, should be!

  116. Dayjanae Post author

    Was completely turned off and had lost confidence in our political system… and President Obama, too (had voted for him the first time). About a week before Nov.6th, some friends asked me to watch 99% with them. The film shook me up!!! Kept thinking about it for days. It made me realize what’s really at stake in America in this election… way beyond petty politics, the immigration reform or Obamacare. Cut to the chase: on Nov 6th, went out and voted for Obama once again, and very proud of it! Got a few others excited about voting for him too.

    I guess even a short-film can make a big difference in people’s lives and perceptions, if it has so much heart, soul and intelligence in it like the 99% does. Now, I want to be a filmmaker. Mr.Kayalar, are you looking for devoted students, cause I’m already a big fan!

  117. jordan Post author

    Same here, Beverly & Allen G. Watched 99% on November 1st and was blown away! Watched it again with friends the next day and started calling, texting and emailing all our other friends and relatives, right away. Saying it inspired us to vote – for Obama – does not begin to do justice to the effect 99% had on us.

    Don’t know whether I get all the points Kayalar is making in this amazing short-film, but what I got so far, laud and clear, is that in a democracy like ours, the positive changes will and should come out of the ballot-box. When “Dr.Carl Westen”, the idealistic, inspirational African-American economy professor, played superbly by the distinguished actor Carl Lumbly, looked at the camera – in a “political-panel scene” – and said “VOTE!”, I was totally on board.

    Kayalar says, in his CineSource Magazine interview about his film 99% (posted online on Oct 29th):

    “If the message makes a positive contribution—if nothing else to bring the vote out—I would be a happy man.”


    Blessed are those who dare to dream and see their dreams come true in their own life-time!


    Good luck President Obama! The dream lives on, and the rough road is still ahead of you, but we’ll be with you all the way!

  118. Beverly Post author

    Yes, Allen G. thanks for pointing out what an inspirational film 99% is. I watched it 5 days before the elections, were thinking to sit this one out…I was tremendously inspired with what I saw, went out and voted, for Obama, needless to say. Called and emailed many friends to ask them to do the same, too. Thank you!

  119. allen g. Post author

    Great movie! Very enjoyable to watch but very informative and inspirational, too. I worked for the Obama campaign as a volunteer. I had become aware of Celik Kayalar’s film “99%” and its subtle but important message (which I happen to agree with) even before the film got released on the Internet for the general public to see for free.

    Did it have any contribution to Obama’s victory on Nov 6th? Who knows, may be it did, may be it did not. One thing I know for sure: Kayalar’s film and sacrifice in making it inspired me and all my friends who knew about it at the time and it still does. Seems like it is the sum of all the little efforts, volunteers burning the phone-lines, pounding the pavements, distributing fliers…and Yes, also the noble souls like Kayalar putting their art and special abilities AND their money where their mouths are that ended up tilting the scale in President Obama’s favor. Today, we should all be proud and thankful.

    Now, lets all click on the link and watch “99%”, cause the hard job of creating and sustaining ECONOMIC JUSTICE FOR ALL is just starting, and we can use all the inspiration we can get! Thank you Kayalar, you are a hero of mine!

  120. Brigitte N. Post author

    This is an amazing short-film, a major cinematic achievement. Congratulations to all who made it happen. I’m an independent filmmaker and film historian in Britain, working both in academia and in the industry. “99%” is a huge step towards changing the low esteem we Europeans hold for the recent American Cinema, but especially for the recent Hollywood productions, of course.

    Dr.Celik Kayalar obviously does not work out of Hollywood, and perhaps that’s why he has managed to create this short-masterpiece which is very beautiful as well as meaningful, and politically, culturally and sociologically important. Highly important!

    I was also amazed with the hight quality of performances by the cast. Mr.Carl Lumbly is superb as Prof.Carl Westen. The young female-lead Ms. Jessiqa Pace is in full command of her craft and gives an excellent performance here that should make the acting world sit up and take notice. Warren David Keith, Rick Daniels, Nkechi, Richard Castrillon and many others turn in very memorable performances.

    Having Prof. Noam Chomsky as himself in a narrative-film (as opposed to a documentary) is a brilliant first and a major cinematic coup on Kayalar’s part, of course. Noam Chomsky’s 3-min screen presence alone would have been worth the price of admission, yet the whole film is free on the Internet for the whole world to watch, enjoy and learn from. And, I hope the world will; thank you Dr.Kayalar for your generosity!

    I was also excited and pleasantly surprised that almost all of the cast members in this film are in fact either acting students or faculty at FABA, Dr.Kayalar’s film acting school in California. More power to FABA and institutions like it that can contribute to modern cinema in such a spectacular way! (and, unexpected, I have to admit).

    Congratulations, again!

    Encore! Encore!

  121. steven barnes Post author

    Maestro, loved 99%! It is brilliant, touching, moving, highly educational and, of course, extremely timely. Everybody should see it, and see it now before it gets too late for us all in this country. Thanks for making it freely available on the Internet!

    When will MOONLIGHT SONATA get theatrical release? Isn’t it time for the Hollywood bozos to wake up and smell the roses? Would love to see your hilarious yet brilliant play COUCH to be brought back to stage, too. Can you or somebody in SF or LA make it happen soon, please? We can use a thoughtful, hilarious comedy right now, as everything around us seems to be getting dark and gloomy.

    Just read your recent CineSource Magazine interview about 99% (online), others should too, once they watch your fantastic film. Thought I’d share the link:


    Bless you Maestro! and keep them coming!

  122. Jen Post author

    This is a very important film. It’s political message can not be more relevant to what we’re going through in America today (and the World, for that matter). It was released on the Internet about two weeks before the Nov 6th. elections, and I’ve heard some to say that it might have made a positive difference in the outcome, albeit small (not Celik himself though; he is too modest of a man to make such a claim).

    I happen to be a film acting student in Celik’s wonderful school in Emeryville, CA: “Film Acting Bay Area” (we like to call it the “Fabulous FABA”). He has founded and runs the school expertly, wisely and with utmost care and generosity. Wish he taught more himself, but he has assembled such a great cast of faculty (Celia Shuman, Hester Schell, Brian D.Scott, Rob Nilsson, W.David Keith come to mind) that he probably doesn’t have to; his faculty has been doing a fabulous job for years, under his careful watch and guidance. It is very exhilarating though to see Celik walk into the room, in the middle of an ongoing acting-class; the quality of my acting picks up immediately, whether he says anything or just sits and observes quietly.Then, he moves on…(I’ve heard this “Kayalar Effect” from other students at the school as well, so I know its not only me).

    Celik, I don’t know which one to wish for more: you teaching at FABA more often, or you writing-directing fabulous films such as “99%” (or “Moonlight Sonata”). Can you do both? Please?!
    With gratitude.

  123. Kenneth Post author

    I had the privilege to work with Celik Kayalar on the set of his feature-length masterpiece “Moonlight Sonata” from a few years back. Janie K. here is correct: like many others, I also called him “Maestro” ( I still do ) and was in constant awe of his abilities as a director, as well as a wonderful human being, on and off the set. As others who know him better often point out, he is truly a “Renaissance Man” who has already excelled in sciences, and now seems to be on his way to conquer the world of indie film ( hope Hollywood notices soon, not that Kayalar probably cares much whether it does or not, I don’t think ).

    99% is a masterfully written and directed short film. Every component of it, from cinematography to editing to music to acting is superb, to say the least. The veteran actor Carl Lumbly is magnificent and the new-comer Jessiqa Pace is right up there with him. Prof.Noam Chomsky playing himself is probably the best thing that has happened in American Cinema lately, a man of his intelligence, knowledge and heart giving his voice to this wonderful narrative-film.

    Has anybody seen a 20-min indie short-film that is so well crafted and has so much to say, lately? I don’t think so. Therefore, once again in agreement with Janie K., I would like to see it nominated for the Oscars and win it too. Alas, it probably won’t happen! (cause Academy rules out films from Oscar consideration, if they happen to be pre-released on the Internet). Don’t matter. Hope many, many get to see and enjoy it like me and my friends just did. Congratulations and THANK YOU! Dr.Kayalar. You the man!

  124. Janie K. Post author

    Fantastic film! No wonder his associates call Celik Kayalar “The Maestro”. Hope he makes more films like this one and soon. I’m nominating “99%” for the Oscars! Academy, are you listening? Thank you Maestro!

  125. Lisa Riggs

    TY! The only “destruction of property” i witnessed here in denver, was when the police viciously took the Occupiers property, and threw it All into dump trucks. All that is left, is a sad empty space, wrapped in towering chain link fence, overshadowed by a brand new, ominous court house emblazened with the letters, “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” (sounds like a threat to me) I want my voice back! i want my hope back! I want my OCCUPY back!!!! p.s. also wheelchair reliant, i was really scared to go…i WENT!

  126. Bill

    Heard about this film by your calling into Thom Hartmann’s radio show on Friday the 9th– GREAT job on this film! Nicely done! Keep fighting. The election is over now, now the REAL work begins to push these guys from the left! Peace from NC, Bill

  127. Sharon Teresa Louisell

    Thank you so much for making this movie!!! Putting so much creative energy into a cause that liberates us all is so progressive and noble. I love this production!

  128. Kumar

    I was one of the extras (student) in this short film by Celik… At that time I had no better understanding about where this was going but today when I watch this 21minut short film…I had tears in my eyes.. I am moved by Celik’s efforts in making this film and I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the whole cast.

  129. Hassan El Mouldi

    Great movie. I’m afraid greed won’t give up but we have to keep on fighting. In my country, Tunisia, we’re still battling ,after almost two ears now fro our revolution, fighting corruption and greed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you as things are well established in your country

  130. Blake in Madison

    Nice job, Celik. Heavy-handed as that was, still not as heavy as the “invisible hand” of the “free market” tilting the “flat earth” towards global financial oligarchy. I guess we need all hands on deck. Oh, god, I sound like Rick Santorum now with the hands…

    Thanks for sponsoring Malloy.

  131. Sabrina

    Just watched “The 99 Percent Movie” by Celik Kayalar. For. just a 20 minute investment, it was stirring. IMHO, it hardly puts a revolutionary face to the movement, but it is much more palatable than how corp. media portrayed them (us).

    I’ll never forget the personal struggles during the occupy movement, as I was trying to help 3 female friends who had resorted to motel living on a day by day basis. I couldn’t afford their motel bills in addition to my rent and as far as I know, they ended up on the street. they haven’t contacted me since. Hopefully, they are alright now. They refused to join the occupy tent city, because they are apathetic toward politics. They didn’t even understand the most basic political things that we (another Malloy-listener) take for granted.

  132. Vincent Leddy

    A MUST SEE short movie from a Berkeley based director. He paints a portrait of a young teacher, Jessiqa Pace, struggling to make ends meet. Her performance is compelling and believable. Noam Chomsky is brilliant, as himself, in summarizing what has been going on in the country for years. Watch this short and go vote on November 6th. Power to the 99%!

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